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“It’s been such a pleasure to be a part of something so unique and special like the Rose Bowl Stadium.  We played our hearts out in front of young girls who might have never seen soccer live before and helped them fall in love.  It’s incredible.”


“It’s a high-energy environment.  The Rose Bowl does a great job of telling you that it’s ‘show time’.  In special environments like that, instincts just kick in.  When you hear about playing at the Rose Bowl, you get excited about it because of the history.  For us, at Texas, to be one of those games that goes down in history as one of the biggest parts of it, it’s special.  The Rose Bowl sets the tone for all of the stadiums across the country.”


“Well, this is the mecca, this is the mansion at the end of the yellow brick road. For anyone that is a college football fan this is the place you want to come.”